Choosing a Behavior Analyst

When selecting a Behavior Analyst, do not hesitate to ask questions and request information about licensing or credentialing. ABA is not a single or one-size-fits-all program. Analysts have different educational backgrounds, different practical experiences and different areas of expertise. Ask questions about the analyst’s philosophy, approach and experience with your type of situation.

If you are contacting a clinic, company or agency that provides Applied Behavior Analysis services, be sure that someone on their staff is credentialed or licensed in ABA. Ask questions about the credentials and qualifications of staff to ensure that there is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Some professionals may use and have experience with the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis without completing all course work, practical experiences and testing procedures to be fully licensed.

ABA providers charge different rates. Costs will vary greatly and there are no standard fees. Please do not assume more expensive programs or providers necessarily provide better services. Make sure you ask about costs before you make any decisions.

Be aware of billing, business, and insurance practices. Check with other users of the service and/or check the national website as well as this website, to determine if any complaints or disciplinary action has been taken against the service provider. Contact your insurance carrier to determine if ABA services are covered.

The BCBAs and BCaBAs licensed or certified by OLBAB must maintain active status and fulfill all requirements of the national Behavior Analyst Certification Board in accordance with the national Professional and Ethical Compliance Code.

Feel free to contact this board if you have any questions or concerns about ABA services or a particular provider of ABA services at or (405) 850-7653.

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